Reseller setup, A to Z.

*We’re the only one, that let you use our system without paying upfront! That gives you room to breath.
*You’re allowed to make subs/trial accounts without paying us upfront. So you can give your users time to pay you.
*Resellers price start from 15% discount on retail prices.
*You’re allowed up to 20% of your credit to use without paying. What does it mean? simple:
..If your account credit (balance) is 100$, and for example you made only one subscription of 10$, you won’t need to pay until you reach 20$ of balance.
*Please look regarding limitations at the end of the paper.
Reseller Telegram Group.


Using the reseller interface. (


  1. Create accounts. On the first section “New Account” you insert the user info, email-password-and the type of account. Trial account last for 2 days.
    All these accounts that you create will show under “Accounts” section, you have the ability from there to see their password (for 1 week) and reset their password, as well to extend their subscription.
  2. Once account have been created, you can see all its info under “Accounts” section, including when his account will expire.
  3. Once you done setting all your accounts and subscription, you’ll see on the left side pane “Pay now # $“.
    You’ll be sent to page to pay the updated invoice.
    Just follow the instruction to pay.  10% DISCOUNT paying via Bitcoin/Altcoin!
    If by any chance you want to do last minute change, you can go back to previous window – reseller-page and do the changes you need and click on “Pay now # $” again, the old invoice will be canceled automatically, and new one will be created instead. No need to manually cancel it.


*If you extend an active subscription by 1 month, it will add another month regardless of the current active subscription, and that 1 month will.

*You’re not allowed to delete subscription, only able to change passwords/email-addresses, so be careful of mistakes.

*Each account once created starts as level 1 account. Such account is limited to creating up to 40 trials per month and credits of 50$. Second level will get you the ability to create up to 80 trials per month, and 100$ credits. Credits = aka how many subs you are able to hold in terms of their value.
Which means, if you have many clients, you’ll need to contact us by mail, asking you want to increase your limitation,  after reviewing your account activity we’ll decide whether to allow such increment of account level.


(G) Resellers

Payments can be made using credit cards and crypto coins (20% discount for crypto!).

Category: (G) Resellers

Yes, very simple as that.

While others ask you to pay upfront, we trust you, and give you the freedom to get clients and give them trial accounts to try.

This will give you enough time to breath and get going!


Category: (G) Resellers

Once you start with our program, you’ll be at level 1 reseller, which allows you to create up to 40 trial accounts.

These accounts last for 1 month.

Each month you’ll be able to create 40 more new trial accounts.

The higher your reseller account gets, the more trial accounts you can make.

Each level gives you ability to create extra 40 trial accounts.

Category: (G) Resellers

Every account has a limitation on the maximum amount that can be purchased.
This type of balance is referred as credit.

Once you get your account (level 1 account) you’ll be limited  to max sum of purchases, of 50$.
Meaning, if 1 year subscription cost over 50$, you wont be able to make such purchase. Since your ceiling is 50$, you wont be able to place order of higher value.

Trials account last for 48 hours from the moment they created. Each month you’ll be limited to the amount of trial accounts your account allows.
For example if your account allows you to create 80 trial accounts, and you created them all in 1 day. After those 2 days(48h) all these accounts will be invalid, but you won’t be able to create any trial account anymore, you’ll have to wait for 1 month, till you can create new trial account.

You can always upgrade your account level by contacting us.

EMAIL: [email protected] , Telegram:

We’ll review your account and if we see fit, your account will be upgraded.


Category: (G) Resellers

I gave a client of mine a trial account and he decided to purchase a package,
I upgraded him to a subscriber and now his account isn’t working.

I see a red thumb next to his name. Am I doing something wrong?

Once you upgrade an account from trial to a subscription account, there’s a waiting time of about 10 minutes till it get activated.

You only need to wait, and it will get activated. You’ll see green thumb once its activated.

Category: (G) Resellers


Our channels are not on our control, but be sure that the buffering issue isn’t coming from our end, rather from our source.

In the reseller panel (left side pane) you get access to our network utilization and online/offline channels.

If you get a massive amount of complains, talk to us.

We have our reseller telegram group:


Category: (G) Resellers

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