ApolloGroup’s Re-seller Program

ApolloGroup’s Re-seller Program is here! Become Partner of ApolloGroup under your own brand, or use our brand.
So many people are searching for the best IPTV, with VOD, LiveTV, new and old content, with great features and support for multiple devices.
Apollo’s got everything ready!

Ever wanted to own an IPTV services and didn’t have the tech skills?
Ever wanted to earn money from IPTV services?
Doesn’t matter the reason, you can now re-sell ApolloGroup services with your own/our brand!

  • Prices start from 15% discount on retail prices!
  • Easy to use interface. With our own made platform, it will be piece of cake for you to manage all your users!
  • No upfront payments. Yes, you heard it right, unlike other services,
    you don’t have to pay anything upfront to get your service going!
  • 20% Credit-free balance. Only when you passed 20% of your account $ balance, only then you need to pay.
  • Set trial accounts for your customers. You can set trial accounts on your own, let your clients try out the service before purchase.
  • Get exclusive support from ApolloGroup’s Admins.

Who can be a re-seller? anyone who want to, just talk to us, if we think you’re right, sky’s the limit.

All of these sounds amazing, where do I sign up?
Fill in the following information, we’ll get back to you.