Installing LG TV ApolloTV App

1. Install application from LG store called “Smart STB” – available worldwide.

2. Restart TV and Press Settings.

3. From this settings menu Scroll Down to Network and Select Network Connection.

4. Make sure that your LP Smart TV is connected to LAN or Wireless network. Press Start Connection.

5. Select Your Network and then Select Other Network List.

6. Select Set Expert Button.

7. Select Your Network Connection.

8. Scroll Down to the DNS Mode and select Manuel Tab. Then enter “” and Press OK

9. Press Complete and turn off/on TV

10. Start application “Smart STB” and now it should be Apollo App…

If still isn’t working for you please try:
1. Reset your TV default setting
2. Set DNS (under Setting >> Network) to:
3. Unplug your TV for 3m
4. Install “Smart STB” app from “LG Content Store”
5. Then run “Smart STB” app