Installing ApolloGroup on Samsung SmartTVs

*If you’re from the US, you don’t need to follow the guide, instead you can go to your Samsung Store, and search for “AirStar TV” app.
You can install it and use our service with that App, without needed to change anything.

Change Region on Samsung Smart TV to US
To be able to download “AirStar” from Samsung Store you will need to change you TV region to US.

1. Press the “Settings” button from your remote control.

2. Select “Self Diagnosis” (1) from the “Support” menu.

3. Select “Reset Smart Hub” (2). (This will reset your Smart Hub and Samsung account settings to factory defaults.)
In some series you will need “Reset” to reset all TV setting else you will not get to “Terms & Conditions” screen.

4. Enter the security PIN (3). Usually it is 0000 unless you changed it. Press “Enter” when “OK” pops up.

5. Your TV will start to reset all the settings. Give it some time to complete the operation. Please, do not shut down or power off the TV during this process, until you get the “Reset complete” message.

6. After the reset is finished, select “System” from settings and choose “Start Setup” (4). Enter the security PIN and click on OK.

7. Choose your language (5).

8. Select your wireless connection from the list (6).

9. The TV will check your Internet connection and will try to connect to the Internet.

10. After connecting to Internet, you will see the “Terms & Conditions” screen. Don’t accept them yet.

11. Press the following combination of buttons from the “traditional” remote (not the Smart Remote!): “», 2, 8, 9, «”. (forward, 2, 8, 9, rewind)
“Fast forward” and “rewind” buttons can be found at the bottom of the remote, next to “Play”.

12. You will see the full list of countries. Choose “United States” (7).

13. Accept the “Terms & Conditions” and finish the installation.

14. Enter Samsung Store and download “AirStar”.

Old STB app

1. Go to the main screen and just scroll to the Settings Tab (no need to click it)

2. Go “up” to the upper menu that opened, and go all the way to the end “Connected – Network”, then go “up” again and click on “Network Status”

3. In that Screen, click on “IP Settings”

4. Set the DNS – Settings to “Enter Manually” and write in the DNS –

5. Click OK, then click Close.

6. Now go ahead and Install application from Samsung App store called “Smart STB” – available worldwide.

7. Now open the Smart-STB app, and wait for it to show you the login screen:

8. Fill in the info and click Login, and that’s it.


*If for some reason you’re not able to reach this screen, please go ahead and reboot your TV
(To reboot the TV, click on the power button on the remote for about 10-15 seconds, till you see the Samsung Logo)
If that doesn’t help, try again later, your TV might still be caching the DNS.