Installing ApolloGroup on FireTV

Follow these steps to install ApolloGroup app on your FireTV/FireTV stick

1. Open google play store, and search for “Downloader” app

2. Download “Downloader” app.

3. Type in
Don’t forget the S in httpS, And then click go.

4. You will now see a “downloading file” pop up.
The download may take 1-2 minutes depending on your connection speed.

5. After the the download has finished you may get a pop up that says open. If it says open please select open and install Apollo app.
If you don’t see the notification after 2-3 minutes press the left side on your amazon remote until you navigate to the files menu

Select by moving over to the right and press the middle circle OK button

Click install (Bottom right tab).

6. After the install is completed go back to your amazon home tab.
In the “your apps & games” section you will find the Apollo app.
Select and click on the Apollo app.

7. Enter your user name and password and enjoy.


**The app doesn’t show in the recent apps? Do the following:

Hold down on the home button on the remote until a new screen appears.
Click the Apps icon.
A new screen will appear that displays all of the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick applications that are loaded onto your device.
Highlight the AirStar TV app.
Once the app has been highlighted, click the options button on your remote which is the button with three horizontal lines on top of one another.
From here you can either move the application to the beginning of the list or place where you would like it to be by using the arrows on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote.
If you would like to remove applications from the “Recent” category on the front page, highlight the application that you want to remove, click the options button, and then click remove from recent.