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(A) General questions

We’ve enforced encryption on our whole service. Our VOD/LIVE , so no one could’ve known what are you doing when using Apollo and our servers.
By default anyone who install the addon/app all the streams will be encrypted. Even If you try to disable encryption it won’t let you disable it.

Its no one business to know what are you doing online, and we support that and thus our service is highly encrypted.

Our service uses RSA 4096 bits encryption which is higher security than your bank’s website.

You can check our SSL security here

  •   TV-SHOW:  Adding a TV show is possible by request.
    Requirements for adding a TV SHOW:
    Rate of https://www.imdb.com should be higher than 6.0, and have more than 5,000 votes.
    If all those requirement meet, post with title of “REQUEST OF TV SHOW” with the the TV show in our facebook-group “TV-Request Post” and the link of the show from IMDB.
  • MOVIE:   Movies are added automatically when they are released in blu-ray version & based on their imdb rating.
    Adding a Movie is possible by request.
    If you want, you can request for movies on our facebook-group “Movie Request Post”, regarding Movie request post.
    Make sure to request only movies released at less 2 years ago & Only movies with a Minimum of 15,000 Votes and 7.5 Rating on IMDb.com.
  • CHANNEL:  Adding a CHANNEL is possible by request.
    We often ask you folks on our facebook-group which channels you want to be added.
    You can request for a specific channel, and if there’s high enough responds from people, we’ll try to add it.
    Post on our facebook-group “Channel Request Post” “REQUEST OF CHANNEL” with its name and some details (website) or other info.
  1. Go to https://apollogroup.tv/#pricing
  2. Select the subscription period you want
  3. Register as new user. If you’re returning customer, click at the top “Returning customer? Click here to login“.
    Then click Continue
  4. You can Select 2 options:
    A. “Stripe Gateway” (accepting credit card)
    B. “Bitcoin/Altcoin (20% discount!)”
  5. You’ll get Email from us after 2-3 minutes, With link to pay the invoice (link to Stripe website)
    *If you’re a new user, the first email (1 of 3 email you’ll receive the moment you place order) will have your password.
  6. IMPORTANT: Stripe Receipt NAME and SERVICES will be random, but it is our Affiliate
  7. Once we confirm the payment (about 1-2 hours), we’ll send you email saying your account is active.

To access your account status please visit:
*Make sure to click the I’m not robot option.

You’re able to use 5 devices at once, but all of them must be on the same network (PUBLIC IP ADDRESS).
Using same account in different network (sharing account) isn’t allowed and may block your account.

Update as of May 2019: Users USA, Canada and Mexico you are now permitted using 2 different IP’s at the same time. Connect up to 5 devices on 2 IP’s.

Our services use the latest H264 technology, offering the best compression and quality.
The stream sizes are roughly around 8 Mbit.
However when changing channels the H264 protocol may bounce higher slightly to begin showing the picture, this is why a 10 Mbit minimum internet connection speed is required, 20 Mbit for HD channels.

For fast support join our Facebook/telegram/discord support groups:

  • Facebook support group HERE
  • Telegram support group:
  • Discord support group HERE

Before asking for refund, did you try to talk to one of the admins? Our Admins can help you resolve the matter.

  • Our service isn’t set with recurring payments.
    Each time your service is about to expire, we send you mail with invoice to pay the next period.
    We will never charge you. So if you want to cancel a future payment, you don’t need to do anything.


  • If you want to get refund for your subscription, these are the rules that allow you to get refund:
    1. If you purchased a “1 Month Subscription”, you’ll be eligible for refund if you request it
    within 1 week of the time you paid.

    2. If you purchased  a “3 Months Subscription” or longer , you’ll be eligible for refund if you request it within 1 month of the time you paid.If the requirements met, please send email to [email protected] explaining why you want refund, and your account information (mail).

We’ve made it easy for our users to have the ability and upload subtitles, all you need for that is Kodi.

We’ve made a guide for you to follow:

How to upload subtitles using KODI

Our channel list

Don’t ask to add more channels, If we’ll have ability to choose we’ll ask you.
Usually we’ll post on our Facebook Group.
In the future we’ll add more channels, HD channels as well. We’re always on the hunt for good sources.
Moreover we’ll upgrade in the future more channels to HD.

Do not try to renew your membership too soon before it ends.
Only 2 days before your membership ends you should go ahead and renew it.
Remember, ApolloGroup doesn’t use recurring payments, so you’ll have to manually pay your next subscription.

How to know when your membership should expire?
Simple: Just go to our addon Tools section and under Account status it will show when it should expire. (Under any platform)
Or using the webplayer under Account Info.

Clients based in Israel are not supported as a result of local ISP issues.

If you are willing to take the risk and sign up, you take full responsibility for any issues and are not to contact support regarding any buffering/streaming problems or refund issues.

Instead you may use the: Telegram support group. (https://t.me/joinchat/IHV1vkD0-NmxDVavjr1hqQ)

Users who not comply, will risk terminating their account!

(B) Login Issues

You successfully logged in with your account, but no membership was found on your account.
You should go ahead and renew you subscription.

In order to login to Apollo Group Addon you need to use your Email & Password info that you used for registration.
It may take up to 5 min until you can make your first login to ApolloTV. Make sure you type in the right Email and Password.
If you forgot your password you can reset it HERE

Reset you password Here

* After changing your password, it will take up to 5 min to update system

If your account isn’t set correctly after payment,
please go ahead and open the ApolloGroup addon,Click on Tools, then click on Logout.
Few moments later go ahead and click on Login, it should refresh the status of your account.

Go ahead and see if you’re able to use the addon now.

If Logout+Login didn’t help please contact us in our Facebook page or Telegram group.

(C) Watching Issues

Our free service limited to 2,000 users for testing our product quality.
For getting our service, 24/7 without limited slots, go ahead and buy a membership subscription.
Please read the announcement on our facebook page for more info on how to do so.

Your internet connection seems to be down, better check that everything is connected and working properly before retrying.
You can also try and restart you router and you device.

When you receive such message, it means something went wrong in your Kodi.
In order for you to fix it, you have to uninstall Kodi, and make sure you only install our addon, and not others as well.

When using other addons in the same system in congestion with ours, sometimes because off their poor coding, it breaks Kodi and thus making our addon not usable.
Follow our guide on how to install Kodi 17 or 18 to your liking:

Kodi Guide-16/17
Revert back to Kodi 17(from 18)
Kodi 18 Guide


Sometimes you may experience buffering due to insufficient bandwidth, and sometimes a bug in the system.
First of all, reboot your router and your device (power it down and remove it from the wall-plug), then try again see if there are issues.

If you use Kodi you should try and use the following fix:
Open Kodi > Go to Apollo Group Addon > Tools > Scroll down and click on “Set advance buffer setting”, And restart your device.
This will set cache system for your device of 130MB. If this doesn’t help, continue reading;

Buffering might happen for few reasons:


  • Many ISPs limit bandwidth during peak hours, so if you experience buffering press “pause” for 10-15 seconds and resume, most of the time that will eliminate the need to buffer.
  • Your connection is congested, make sure you disconnect wireless devices such as phones and tablets, often they run backup or send files which takes alot of bandwidth from your connection.Sometimes rebooting the router might help if the buffers keeps occurring, if you can change your IP address that could help as well.
  • Sometimes none of the above help because of the ISPs limitations, and if its possible to change to different ISP that doesn’t limit the connection too much, would help.
  • Wi-Fi is an unreliable connection, and its speed affected by many environmental sources that cause low quality connection.
    We suggest you to connect your box via network cable, for best possible bandwidth and reliable connection.


Apollo Group have many servers and we make sure we always have enough bandwidth 24/7, in a need of more capacity we always can get more.

If you’re still unable to solve the issue do the following:
1. Please enter our speed test tool.  http://speed.apollogroup.tv
2. Take a screenshot of the “Download, Ping, Jitter and IP address” and contact us on our FACEBOOK page, providing that screenshot.
*This speed test can be done on any device, best to check on the same device used to stream.

*To our Israeli viewers, we suggest to use Bezeqint as ISP, it seems they don’t suffer from buffering during peak hours, unlike the other Israeli ISPs which limit the bandwidth quite aggressively. If you’re Bezeqint subscriber, follow the steps from above to fix the issue.

Dear UK/UAE users:
Some of United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates ISPs are blocking our service, and this means you will be unable to use our service.

In order to avoid this, you will need to:
1. Try different internet provider (better ask in our FB group if someone uses this ISP with our service successfully)
2. Use VPN

We suggest you to use high quality VPN service, so they’ll not restrict your bandwidth, and you’ll be able to use our service uninterrupted.

These 3rd party programs don’t support full IPTV SSL encryption.

To make sure it will work for you, please change your links to HTTP instead of HTTPS.

i.e use http://api.vpnmate.com/channelslist/?email=YOUR_EMAIL&password=YOUR_PASSWORD
Don’t use – https://api.vpnmate.com/channelslist/?email=YOUR_EMAIL&password=YOUR_PASSWORD

Make sure you reboot your router and device if it doesn’t work (you might be pulling the old file).

(D) Kodi

Suggested Kodi to use: ver 17.

  1. Enter Apollo’s Tools section.2
  2. Go to VOD Wall tab, and enable it. Click OK.
  3. Restart Kodi.
  4. Wait a minute, till you get a message appear on your screen, Click “yes” followed by “OK”
  5. Restart Kodi.
  6. Wait couple of hours (you can still use Kodi).
  7. Enter the main menu of Movies/TV shows and then go back to the main menu.
  8. VOD Wall is now working.

Video guide:

Category: (D) Kodi

To switch off the Apollo TV Guide from being forced in case you’re using different method, or to turn it on in case you miss click after you updated the addon.
In kodi go to: Videos > Addons > ApolloGroupTV > Tools , Scroll down, then choose whether you want to use Apollo Guide TV or not, then click OK.
once you do that, you need to reboot Kodi for it to have effect of the change.

Category: (D) Kodi

When you receive such message, it means something went wrong in your Kodi.
In order for you to fix it, you have to uninstall Kodi, and make sure you only install our addon, and not others as well.

When using other addons in the same system in congestion with ours, sometimes because off their poor coding, it breaks Kodi and thus making our addon not usable.
Follow our guide on how to install Kodi 17 or 18 to your liking:

Kodi Guide-16/17
Revert back to Kodi 17(from 18)
Kodi 18 Guide


Follow these steps:
1. Go to System -> Setting -> Addons -> My Addon -> PVR clients -> PVR IPTV Simple, Press Enter
2. Go to Configure -> EPG Setting -> EPG Time Shift (hours)
and set the desired time.
3. Go to System -> Setting -> PVR & Live TV -> General -> Clear Data
4. Restart Kodi

Category: (D) Kodi

The latest version of Kodi version 18 was recently released. Kodi is still working on some bugs.
Please don’t update until further notice.
If you have already completed the update and are experiencing any issues please Follow our guide to revert back and/or downgrade back to Kodi 17.6

Please follow the guide from our FAQ:

Category: (D) Kodi

We’ve made it easy for our users to have the ability and upload subtitles, all you need for that is Kodi.

We’ve made a guide for you to follow:

How to upload subtitles using KODI

(F) Web Player

M3U file is file containing link which used to play content with most popular video players like:
VLC , Pot Player, Windows Media Player and so on.

Category: (F) Web Player

90% of the TV Series and 10% of the Movies are with high quality audio that doesn’t support by the browser (AC3, DTS).
So go ahead and download the M3U file and play it using common player such as VLC.

Category: (F) Web Player

(G) Resellers

Payments can be made using credit cards and crypto coins (20% discount for crypto!).

Category: (G) Resellers

Yes, very simple as that.

While others ask you to pay upfront, we trust you, and give you the freedom to get clients and give them trial accounts to try.

This will give you enough time to breath and get going!


Category: (G) Resellers

Once you start with our program, you’ll be at level 1 reseller, which allows you to create up to 40 trial accounts.

These accounts last for 1 month.

Each month you’ll be able to create 40 more new trial accounts.

The higher your reseller account gets, the more trial accounts you can make.

Each level gives you ability to create extra 40 trial accounts.

Category: (G) Resellers

Every account has a limitation on the maximum amount that can be purchased.
This type of balance is referred as credit.

Once you get your account (level 1 account) you’ll be limited  to max sum of purchases, of 50$.
Meaning, if 1 year subscription cost over 50$, you wont be able to make such purchase. Since your ceiling is 50$, you wont be able to place order of higher value.

Trials account last for 48 hours from the moment they created. Each month you’ll be limited to the amount of trial accounts your account allows.
For example if your account allows you to create 80 trial accounts, and you created them all in 1 day. After those 2 days(48h) all these accounts will be invalid, but you won’t be able to create any trial account anymore, you’ll have to wait for 1 month, till you can create new trial account.

You can always upgrade your account level by contacting us.

EMAIL: [email protected] , Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/G0ribhGHBSCGMhjPQBSeAw

We’ll review your account and if we see fit, your account will be upgraded.


Category: (G) Resellers

I gave a client of mine a trial account and he decided to purchase a package,
I upgraded him to a subscriber and now his account isn’t working.

I see a red thumb next to his name. Am I doing something wrong?

Once you upgrade an account from trial to a subscription account, there’s a waiting time of about 10 minutes till it get activated.

You only need to wait, and it will get activated. You’ll see green thumb once its activated.

Category: (G) Resellers


Our channels are not on our control, but be sure that the buffering issue isn’t coming from our end, rather from our source.

In the reseller panel (left side pane) you get access to our network utilization and online/offline channels.

If you get a massive amount of complains, talk to us.

We have our reseller telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/G0ribhGHBSCGMhjPQBSeAw


Category: (G) Resellers

(E) FireTV (Amazon stick)

Hold down on the home button on the remote until a new screen appears.
Click the Apps icon.
A new screen will appear that displays all of the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick applications that are loaded onto your device.
Highlight the AirStar TV app.
Once the app has been highlighted, click the options button on your remote which is the button with three horizontal lines on top of one another.
From here you can either move the application to the beginning of the list or place where you would like it to be by using the arrows on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote.
If you would like to remove applications from the “Recent” category on the front page, highlight the application that you want to remove, click the options button, and then click remove from recent.

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