(A) Channels

Don't ask to add more channels, If we'll have ability to choose we'll ask you. In the future we'll add more channels, HD channels as well.
Moreover we'll upgrade in the future more channels to HD..
We don't provide any kind of adult content.

(B) General questions and guides

Our services use the latest H264 technology, offering the best compression and quality.
The stream sizes are roughly around 8 Mbit.
However when changing channels the H264 protocol may bounce higher slightly to begin showing the picture, this is why a 10 Mbit minimum internet connection speed is required, 20 Mbit for HD channels.
If you have the "Apollo Repo" already installed you can skip to "Installing Apollo Addon" bellow.
If your addon is already installed, jump to the last section Set your Kodi with your Apollo Group account.
You can check all the steps in the following YouTube video guide:

Set up your account info into kodi:

Or follow the steps down from here:

Installing Apollo Repo
1. Open "Kodi"
2. Go to "SYSTEM"
3. Select "File Managr" => "Add Source"
4. Select "None"
5. Type the following "" and click "Done"
6. Highlight the box underneath and enter name in media Source. I use "Apollo"
7. Select "OK"
8. Go back to your "Home Screen"
9. Select "SYSTEM" => "Add-Ons"
10. Select "Install from zip file"
11. Click "Apollo"
12. Select "repository.Apollo"
13. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

Installing Apollo Addon
1. Click "Settings" => "Addons"
2. Click "Get Addons"
3. Scroll down and select "Apollo Group Repo"
4. Click on "Video Addons"
5. Then select "Apollo Group Addon"
6. Wait for "Add-on enabled" notification
"The addon is now installed!"
You can locate Apollo Group addon under Video addons.

Once your payment been verified, you can login using these steps:

Set your Kodi with your Apollo Group account
1. Open Kodi.
2. Open Apollo Group Addon.
3. Select "Tools".
4. Insert your email & password.
5. Press "Login".
6. Now you'll see your package info!

To become a member and avoid "All Free slots are full" and get your self Account Click Here!
Of course you can.
If your phone support Kodi, go ahead and install it.
You can download it from google play. (I suggest SPMC though)
Then as usual you just need to install Apollo Group's addon, then login with your login details and rock on!
Make sure you're on the same network of your other devices. Each account is limited to 1 network.
An APK isn't available at this time, in the future it might.
We support All Windows OS, Android OS, Mac OS.
We support all Kodi ,SPMC, OSMC and ZDMC versions.
In order to update the Addon/Repository, do the following :
In Kodi main menu go to:
SYSTEM -> Settings -> Addons -> Install from repository -> "Right click" Apollo Group Repo -> Check for updates.
To switch off the Apollo TV Guide from being forced in case you're using different method, or to turn it on in case you miss click after you updated the addon.
In kodi go to: Videos > Addons > ApolloGroupTV > Tools , Scroll down, then choose whether you want to use Apollo Guide TV or not, then click OK.
once you do that, you need to reboot Kodi for it to have effect of the change.
Follow these steps:
1. Go to System -> Setting -> Addons -> My Addon -> PVR clients -> PVR IPTV Simple, Press Enter
2. Go to Configure -> EPG Setting -> EPG Time Shift (hours)
and set the desired time.
3. Go to System -> Setting -> PVR & Live TV -> General -> Clear Data
4. Restart Kodi
Once your subscription cycle at ditigalphoto ended, you will get this message.
We now give you 48 hours till your membership ends, which will give you enough time to renew your subscription at digitalphoto.
You're able to use 5 devices at once, but all of them must be on the same network (PUBLIC IP ADDRESS).

(C) Login Issues

You have abused the system, because of that you are banned.
We don't tolerate any abuse of our system.
If there was a mistake, please contact us via our facebook page.
You successfully logged in with your account in Kodi, but you haven't bought any Membership Package.
Go to [COMING SOON] Package selection, and place an order. Once you pay , you'll be able to use your account.
In order to login to Apollo Group Addon you need to use your Email & Password info that you used for registration in ApolloPics site.
It may take up to 5 min until you can make your first login to Apollo Group Addon. Make sure you type in the right Email and Password. If you forgot your password, recover your password here.
You're using illegal characters, Make sure you type your email address right.
We limit every package to 1 IP address.
If you're trying to login while not being on the same network you will get this error.
All your devices on your account have to be on the same network.
If you want to connect more networks at the same time, you'll have to buy another package at
We don't tolorate abuse of our service. Abusing our service will get you banned.
The same User and Password you used to subscribe at ApolloPics is used in our addon, so in order the change/restore the password, go ahead and change your password at ApolloPics.
Go to:
and restore your password. Once you do that, in our addon go to "Tools" and insert the new password.

(D) Watching Issues

Our free service limited to 2,000 users for testing our product quality.
For getting our service, 24/7 without limited slots, go ahead and join our FB group for more info.
Please read the announcement on our facebook page for more info on how to do so, with order guide as well.
Your internet connection seems to be down, better check that everything is connected and working properly before retrying.
Your type of service allowed specific amount of slots and the limit has reached.
You can try again in few moments to see if a slot got available.
Contact your Service Support for more details.
Your ISP is running CG-NAT on your connection.
Baiscly since there aren't any more IPv4 left out there, some ISPs don't have enough IP addresses for each customer so they "merge" quite few customers together in order to solve the lack of IP addresses.
This causes your streams not to open.
You need to contact your ISP and ask them to remove "CG-NAT" from your account.
We often upgrade our service and sometimes we require take down the servers for short maintenance to apply these upgrades, as part of our service we try to fix issues and make everything work as perfect as possible.
Our maintenance usually last up to 10-15 minutes.
If you're keep getting this message and over 15 minutes passed, it means there's issue between you and our servers, in that case please open support ticket at the client area or @ our facebook page "Kodi Apollo Group".
Sometimes you may experience buffering due to insufficient bandwidth.
Buffering might happen for few reasons:
    1. Many ISPs limit bandwidth during peak hours, so if you experience buffering press "pause" for 10-15 seconds and resume, most of the time that will eliminate the need to buffer.
    2. Your connection is congested, make sure you disconnect wireless devices such as phones and tablets, often they run backup or send files which takes alot of bandwidth from your connection.
    Sometimes rebooting the router might help if the buffers keeps occurring, if you can change your IP address that could help as well.
    3. Sometimes none of the above help because of the ISPs limitations, and if its possible to change to different ISP that doesn't limit the connection too much, would help.
    4. Wi-Fi is an unreliable connection, and its speed affected by many environmental sources that cause low quality connection.
    We suggest you to connect your box via network cable, for best possible bandwidth and reliable connection.
Apollo Group have many servers and we make sure we always have enough bandwidth 24/7, in a need of more capacity we always can get more.

*To our Israeli viewers, we suggest to use Bezeqint as ISP, it seems they don't suffer from buffering during peak hours,
unlike the other Israeli ISPs which limit the bandwidth quite aggressively.
If you're Bezeqint subscriber, follow the steps from above to fix the issue.

(E) Website Player

90% of the TV Series and 10% of the Movies are with high quality audio that doesn't support by the browser (AC3, DTS).
So go ahead and download the M3U file and play it using common player such as VLC.
M3U file is file containing link which used to play content with most popular video players like:
VLC , Pot Player, Windows Media Player and so on.
Doesn't matter if you're watching on your TV screen using Kodi, VLC , website player or even the APP, each stream count no matter its source.
If you're watching (streaming) something , then it count out of all your total of 5 streams.
For example, TV using Kodi, and PC using VLC all at the same time, will count as 2 out of 5.

(F) Perfect Player (Android)

Under setting:
1. Playlist set:
2. EPG set: