Live TV Streaming Across Major Networks

Live TV Streaming Across Major Networks

User Centric Multi-Device Video Platform

Our Mission

Giving our consumers access to a wide variety of high quality content selections at a low price by partnering with top-tier content providers.

About Us

Apollo Group is a developer and provider of premium content services and technology platforms for connected devices and Smart TVs. We are at the intersection of content and technology and aim to foray into emerging and established markets worldwide through our exceptional, serving millions of users. Our content offerings include children’s programs, ethnic and local content, Hollywood films and TV series, music and live concerts, and more.
Our end-to-end solution includes CDN infrastructure (3D, 4K and DRM support), content management system, front-end client applications, and user management. We are going way beyond the cultural, educational and traditional arenas of entertainment that are controlled by cable and satellite providers and limited by infrastructure and territorial restrictions.

SVOD Service

SVOD is the future of video entertainment. It’s also a smarter and more cost effective option when compared to Pay TV. With Apollo Group’s premium SVOD service, you get access to the biggest library of TV shows and movies. Stream any video content anytime and anywhere using the Internet. Additional functionality includes start, stop, pause, rewind and fast-forward. Say goodbye to fixed programming schedules and welcome regularly updated content. Enjoy a huge collection of incredible movies and TV shows across various genres and other awesome content only with Apollo Group’s SVOD service.

Live Channels

Available in over 80% of the country and expanding, live channels enable users to watch every minute of their favorite shows, be it hit shows, local news, special events or select sporting events. With Apollo Group’s service, users can instantly stream live channels across devices with thousands of full episodes on demand either at home or on the gothrough direct network subscription or by signing up with their cable, satellite or telco provider.


Apollo Group’s technology solves all the challenges faced by expensive, inefficient, and traditional server based networks and a highly centralized CDN infrastructure that is not only prone to failure, but also can’t cope with the increasing demand for video content and growing web usage.Our Hybrid Server/P2P CDN and cloud-assisted power-efficient P2P media-streaming architecture decentralizes exchanges, delivers videos quickly, provides content via multiple sources, improves infrastructure reliability, and also relieves saturated servers for efficient content distribution. Used directly in the browser, without any clients or plugins to load video content directly from the server, this P2P architecture is built on the latest standards. It can also scale to growing viewership while better managing traffic and optimizing direct P2P data transfer.

Media Engine

Designed using proprietary algorithms and revolutionary technologies HTML5 and WebRTC, our media engine enables adaptive bitrate playback and dynamic management of video streams directly in HTML5 and Flash.


Our tracker establishes a direct connection with a dynamically selected list of peers (geography and network topology based) to exchange video segments.


Enables direct and secure communications in real-time that deals with Network Address Translation (NAT) and Firewall transversal.




Apollo Group’s content partners include the world’ most renowned media companies in concert with the best consumer electronics brands. We deploy a full-scale solution powered by our industry expertise and a solid understanding of the needs and requirements of each partner. This close partnership with the frontrunners of new age media helps us deliver our top-tier content services. They benefit through our billing, content, technology and consumer-centric design that leverage their USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) in a target market.


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